Trend Research & Graphic Design

Imagine a journey to the year 2050. 


The final destination is a world where everything and everyone is connected. Where smart homes are multifunctional and equipped with robots. Where homes are transformed for sport, work, or relaxation. Where we are surrounded by sophisticated design and smart gadgets. But also the place where we have not forgotten our humanity. Where we still like to visit the shop around the corner, which continues to surprise us with exciting colors, personal contact, and the opportunity to design our own. Where we know exactly what our impact is on the earth with every item we purchase. In short, we live high-tech yet consciously. 


We feel connected to all the creations we collect around us: products with a soul. The creation process is something fascinating. More and more, we will create together with the consumer. And ask ourselves what our footprint on this planet is. How do we supply it rather than depleting it? What choices are needed to achieve this? 

Can you see the vision of the future?

I am your human filter

You would like to contribute to this vision of the future, but you can’t see your path. There are countless routes you can take, but which one will you choose? 


Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. What if we learn from the past and use those lessons to innovate? Walk the path of the makers of the last century. Be inspired by their craft and creative spirit. Like them, use your hands to create. Embrace the imperfections that arise, they will give character to the creation. This human process gives your product a soul, and creates connection. To create a new world, we can build on the foundation of authentic craft. 


You cannot be progressive without learning from the story of the past and taking those lessons with you. By connecting opposites, you can innovate. It is not just about being inventive, but about being ‘connected’. In this world full of choices and directions, I am your human filter. I literally zoom out and take you along on a quest for your ideal world. I map out your desires and those of your target group and underline where they meet. 


When all the noise has been filtered out, a clear path appears. I visualize the thread and help you choose. So that you can develop an honest product that can withstand the future and connects with people and nature. 


Are you coming along?

Working together, to create something unique.